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Alliance to Save Energy

State-by-State Fact Sheets Provide Details on Winter Heating Costs, Plus Energy-Efficiency Tips

Architect's comments:  Though hard to stay current on actual costs, the website is good information.


Washington, D.C., December 20, 2007 The Alliance to Save Energy has researched and developed state fact sheets on winter heating costs to reflect current price hikes for home heating fuels for each of the “lower 48” states and Washington, D.C., as well as one for the nation as a whole. The fact sheets also have energy-efficiency tips, including choosing products with the ENERGY STAR label.

The fact sheets alert consumers on how much their home heating bills are likely to increase, based on fuel costs in their state. Fact sheets can be viewed at www.ase.org/statefacts.

Consumers this winter are facing higher prices for heating fuels, ranging from a 2 percent increase for electricity to a 30 percent increase for heating oil, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). EIA has projected the cost of natural gas to increase by 6 percent and propane by more than 20 percent; nationwide, home heating costs are expected to increase by an average of 9 percent. 

In Pennsylvania, for example, where about 55 percent of residents’ home energy bills are devoted to heating costs, those using heating oil and propane will see increases of about $360 for the current heating season. Those heating with natural gas will see about a $95 increase in their bills this winter, while electric heating costs will rise by about $40. 

In another part of the country, Minnesota, where nearly 60 percent of residents’ energy bills goes to heat their homes, those using natural gas, heating oil, or propane will see an average $410 increase.

The fact sheets also include tips for lowering heating and other home energy bills such as choosing models with the ENERGY STAR label when purchasing a new heating or cooling system, windows, and appliances.

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