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The Lizard Cornerstone


Lizards are symbols of change and new beginnings. Native Americans believe that lizards represent hope, transformation and dreams. This is why, instead of the traditional architect’s initials inscribed on a cornerstone, Lindsay Daniel decided to “sign” her work with a lizard icon. In this way, she extends a wish of divine wisdom and good fortune to all those who dwell in the home. The lizard also symbolizes conservation, which closely parallels Lindsay Daniel’s belief that home design and creation should be respectful of the environment. So for clients who wish it, a beautiful aged metal lizard becomes a subtle sentry to their home, accenting stonework or other distinctive architectural features. 

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Signing the Website: Acknowledging designers for their creative talents and skillful expertise should not be overlooked....each creation is akin to the birthing of a baby!  For their wonderful guidance and crafted creation I will "sign" this project for them...... I would like to thank Mervil Paylor Design for her creative web site graphics, design, and mammoth organization.  

My Cornerstone/ my team (past and present):  For this past 25+ years I have had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate, grow with, and learn from an extremely talented and committed group of individuals.  And best of all - they know how to laugh! They have made Lindsay Daniel Architecture, Inc. (now dba Lindsay Daniel Design) what it is today.  To them I am eternally grateful. I thank  Sarah Richardson Andrews, Robert Barnhart, Chris Barth, Yvonne Bartos, Bruce Berberick, Josie Holden Bulla, Kaki Diehl, Bill Ducharme, Janice Finein, Carrie Gault, Fred Gregory(deceased), Cathy Hedman, Shelley Hughes, Chuck Kibler (deceased), Becky Leich, Russ Nicholson, Cathy Payne, Rich Preiss, Eleanor Simpson (deceased), Lynda Stephens, Jackie Templeton (deceased), Kelly Cobb, Patty Stephenson.    I have loved them all.

Lindsay Daniel provides residential design services to Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding communities.